Well Plate Layout Maker

You know well plates? I have seen people printing layouts of them and the scribbling concentration values on them? Is that intuitive? Not at all. Is that a waste of paper? Yes. And then on top of that if you were to make a presentation of the well plates you would need to know photoshop and all sorts of illustration mcjiggy. Hence this tool(?). It lets you do all of that without headache.

Shadharon - A Zola Theme

A simple blog theme made for Zola (the static site generator in Rust). This blog is made using Zola, and I heavily customized a much more simpler theme that lacked a few things. Then the idea came up to make a simple blog theme and thus my struggle with Terra. But I am kind of proud of the theme now. My first ever pull request to a git repository (that was daunting haha) and an open source contribution.